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I am a school teacher, is this also for me?

If you would like to find out more about 

- how to integrate mindfulness in the classroom

- how to actually live your teachers´ life in that idealistic way ...that motivation why you studied in the first place

- how to reduce stress in the classroom and create a great atmosphere

- the best paid for and free tools to train resilience (yours and that of students :D )

- how to shift your school´s ethos

- what German teachers´union claims

- how to participate in the European Citizen Initiative to actually create impact and change  

Then you are very right here.         

Can I get personal assistance in finding my individual education aim? 

Yes, we do offer personal action calls, please find our offers on Saskia Wienholz´s products.


I am very interested in the European Citizens´Initiative...

The probably most exciting detail about ReThink Education Congress is the part where we not only talk about things and inform ourselves, but we actually take action. If you decide to change things at home, or at your school - there are templates for you to use to get it all going- find them in the ReThink Education Congress. 

NOW: OUT OF ALL THE OPINIONS stated at the one of a kind online event, there will be made a European Citizen Initiative out of them. This means, that after every unit there will be a question to find out how important you think a thing is or how much it would matter to change this and that or even how appropriate you find a certain tool to address current issues in education.

You will receive information on the state of the Petition on meaningful education via email when you sign up for the Rethink Education Congress. 

For general information about the European Citizen Initiative you can visit


I won´t be available on the given dates, are there recordings?

Please check out the different Ticket categories here:


How can I support the education activists?

Great that you care and want to support us! The easiest way to do it would be to make a financial contribution by purchasing the Supporter´s Pass - where you will not only get more exclusive content, but your money will also:

plant trees in rainforests

make a donation to girls´education centres

help progress with the European CItizens´Initiative.

Of course, you can simply buy more of tickets to contribute even more. For contributions larger than 500€ please get in touch so we can find the best way to make a tax reducing donation. 

IF you feel like volunteering, as little as one hour per week can make a difference. Please write an email with VOLUNTEER in the header to and we will provide you with tasks that we currently need help with. THANKS!


I would like to apply to be a speaker at the next ReThink Education Congress...

It is possible that there will be more ReThink Congresses in the years to come. Please provide information about yourself and your topic in an email to, concerning "Speaker Request". Thank you.


I placed my order, but have not received a confirmation email with information about how to access my purchase. Is there a delay?

Will there be content in English or in German?

I entered my username and password for my members area account and was unable to log in. What’s the deal?

Help! I can’t get the videos to play or they are skipping/playing slowly…

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This support system is intended to address technical issues and concerns for the ReThink Education Congress online event itself. We encourage you to participate in the Facebook comments/live chat below each presentation and/or reach out directly to the speaker who is most relevant to your question via their established communication channels. We are unable to answer any specific Education-Related questions through this system. Thank you.

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